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How Does an Orthotic Appliance Help With TMJ?

An orthotic appliance provides a holistic approach to TMJ management, in the sense that it addresses the whole body. Dr. Ivan Stein of the Headache & TMJ Center of New Jersey discusses the use of orthotic appliances and the way they correct not only the TMJ, but the patient’s entire posture.

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Here’s Why Your Jaw Is Clicking or Popping When You Eat

Clicking and popping noises while eating are often associated with TMJ disorder. For some people, these sounds are the only real symptoms of the condition, but for others, the noises are accompanied by pain. Dr. Ivan Stein of the Headache & TMJ Center of New Jersey discusses why these sounds occur and the best treatment […]

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Why Does My Jaw Hurt on One Side?

There are several potential causes of jaw pain occurring on one side of the mouth. The pain may be due to nerve problems, an injury or blood vessel issues. Sometimes, it’s the result of a dental problem, such as an abscessed tooth or cavity. Generally, one-sided jaw pain isn’t serious. But, especially if the pain […]

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Can Certain Foods Trigger Headaches?

Headaches are brought on by a variety of triggers, such as a lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and some medications. Certain foods may also be a factor. If you suffer from frequent headaches, one of the best ways to avoid them is by learning what your triggers are. If you often get a headache after […]

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What to Do for TMJ-Related Ear Pain?

The temporomandibular joint, or “TMJ,” is the hinge that connects the jaw to the skull, located just below the ears. You use this joint every time you chew, swallow, yawn, and talk. Issues occurring with the TMJ produce a variety of symptoms, one of which is ear pain ranging in intensity from mild to severe. […]

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How to Find the Best TMJ Dentist Near Me

TMJ dentist New Jersey

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a complicated and confusing disease. Not only can it be caused by a variety of factors — such as teeth grinding, traumatic injury, inflammation or chronic stress — it can also affect a wide range of areas in your body. For example, you might experience symptoms affecting your jaw, teeth, […]

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Is Your Workout Giving You TMJ Pain?

Working out & TMJ Pain New Jersey

Many of Dr. Ivan Stein’s patients at the Headache and TMJ Center of New Jersey live active lifestyles and enjoy working out regularly. Questions about exercise and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder often come up during consultation with these patients. Our team is happy to shed some light on the relationship between working out and TMJ […]

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How Does Weather Affect TMJ Pain?

TMJ pain and weather New Jersey

Fall season is officially upon us, which means the leaves have begun to change color and the temperature has dropped. Unfortunately the colder weather may not bode well for you if you have been diagnosed with TMJ disorder. In this blog post, West Orange dentist and TMJ specialist Dr. Ivan Stein explains why and shares […]

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Lifestyle Changes to Manage TMJ Disorder

TMJ tips and treatment New Jersey

If you have been diagnosed with TMJ disorder, then you know how difficult the condition can make everyday life. TMJ disorder, which is the result of chronic stress on the temporomandibular joint, can cause an array of painful or uncomfortable symptoms, including jaw pain, soreness, headaches, back pain and sinus pain. The good news is […]

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Do TMJ Problems Affect Other Areas of the Body?

TMJ discomfort treatments New Jersey

Many of Dr. Ivan Stein’s patients are surprised to learn that temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems can affect other areas of the body. They don’t realize that their ear pain or headaches are related to the problems they have with TMJ disorder (TMD). Therefore, finding a solution to TMD is critical not only for jaw health […]

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