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Is Wearing a Mask Giving You Head or Jaw Pain?

Wearing a mask is a critical step in slowing the spread of COVID-19. But as important as masks are to public health, you may find that wearing masks for extended periods of time leads to an increase in the frequency or duration of headaches or temporomandibular (TMJ) pain. Dr. Ivan Stein of the Headache & […]

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What To Do If New Glasses Are Giving You Headaches

Glasses are supposed to help you, not hurt you. But if you recently started wearing glasses for the first time, or your prescription changed significantly, you may experience uncomfortable, glasses-induced headaches. Your eyes have to relearn how to look at the world through a new prescription, and your visual system and muscles are forced to […]

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Tips to Sleep Better If You Have Chronic Headaches

Chronic headache treatments in New Jersey

It seems like a Catch-22: a lack of sleep can trigger uncomfortable headaches, but the pain of a headache can make it difficult to get a good night’s rest. According to Dr. Ivan Stein at the Headache & TMJ Center of New Jersey, there are strategies you can try to overcome a pounding headache and […]

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Can Certain Foods Trigger Headaches?

Headaches are brought on by a variety of triggers, such as a lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and some medications. Certain foods may also be a factor. If you suffer from frequent headaches, one of the best ways to avoid them is by learning what your triggers are. If you often get a headache after […]

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How to Keep a Headache Diary

Headache diary New Jersey

If you are planning to see a doctor to discuss chronic or recurrent headaches, keeping a headache diary can be very helpful to your physician. The diary is a written record of the characteristics of the headaches, including how frequently they occur, their duration and their intensity. This information can help your doctor determine the […]

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What Are Tension Headaches?

Tension headache relief New Jersey

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache, yet the causes of these headaches are largely unknown. Some experts believe the headaches stem from muscle contraction or tension in the neck and scalp muscles. Tension headaches most commonly affect older teenagers and adults, and are slightly more likely to affect women than men. Read […]

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How to Find the Best Doctor to Treat Chronic Head or Jaw Pain

When you’re suffering from chronic head or jaw pain, it’s critical to find a doctor that has experience diagnosing and treating these conditions. You should take the time to look for doctors that focus on temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder (TMD), chronic headaches, and similar disorders. In this post, New Jersey TMJ specialist Dr. Ivan Stein […]

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A Brief History of Headaches

Headaches and migraines are nothing new — history suggests that ancient civilizations experienced headache pain as far back as 7000 BC. And from what we know, our ancestors were willing to try anything to get rid of the excruciating pain of headaches and migraines!

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Who Is at a Greater Risk of Headaches?

Who is at greater risk of headaches

Headaches are one of the most common types of pain that people experience. Unfortunately, certain groups of people are more prone to developing headaches than others. In this post, Dr. Ivan Stein of the Headache and TMJ Center of New Jersey breaks down who is at greater than normal risk of headaches.

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Muscle and Nerve Problems that Can Lead to Headaches

TMJ Headache

Headaches can range in severity from minor nuisances to completely debilitating. One of the keys to pain relief from constant headaches is to identify the root cause. Many people do not know that some headaches are caused by muscle and nerve problems. According to Dr. Ivan Stein, here are some of the common muscle and […]

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