Jaw pain

Can Arthritis Aggravate Jaw Pain?

Jaw Pain Treatment New Jersey

There are a number of diseases and conditions that can aggravate jaw pain, including arthritis. Experienced dentists Dr. Ivan Stein and Dr. Allan Stein are experts at treating issues that impact the jaw. Here, they discuss how arthritis can aggravate jaw pain. What Is the Temporomandibular Joint? The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects the jawbone to […]

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How Do I Stop My Jaw From Clicking?

Jaw Clicking Treatment in New Jersey

If your jaw occasionally makes a clicking or popping noise when you open your mouth wide, you may dismiss this as a harmless anomaly. But if these jaw clicking noises happen repeatedly — or if they are accompanied by other symptoms such as discomfort, pain or facial swelling — they may raise deeper concerns about […]

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Can Massage Improve Your TMJ?

TMJ massage pain relief

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders affect more than 10 million Americans, causing significant discomfort in the jaw region. To squash this pain, patients look for a variety of remedies. Renowned dentists Dr. Ivan Stein and Dr. Allan Stein specialize in caring for patients with TMJ. Here, they discuss whether massage is a useful tool for TMJ […]

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Your Popping Jaw May be a Warning Sign of a TMJ Disorder

TMJ Disorder Treatment in West Orange, NJ

The popping or clicking in your ear that happens when you open your jaw may or may not come with pain, but it is likely a warning sign of a more significant issue with your jaw joints, called temporomandibular joints (TMJ). TMJ disorders (TMD) come with a variety of symptoms that are overlooked until you […]

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Is Wearing a Mask Giving You Head or Jaw Pain?

Wearing a mask is a critical step in slowing the spread of COVID-19. But as important as masks are to public health, you may find that wearing masks for extended periods of time leads to an increase in the frequency or duration of headaches or temporomandibular (TMJ) pain. Dr. Ivan Stein of the Headache & […]

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Best Foods to Eat When TMJ Pain Flares Up

TMJ Pain in New Jersey

If you are struggling with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, you may have discovered that eating presents new and uncomfortable challenges. The crisp apples or club sandwiches you used to enjoy may now send you into a fit of jaw pain and discomfort. Cutting foods into small, bite-sized pieces and chewing very slowly can help reduce […]

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Why Does My Jaw Hurt on One Side?

There are several potential causes of jaw pain occurring on one side of the mouth. The pain may be due to nerve problems, an injury or blood vessel issues. Sometimes, it’s the result of a dental problem, such as an abscessed tooth or cavity. Generally, one-sided jaw pain isn’t serious. But, especially if the pain […]

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