Famous People Who Have Also Suffered from TMJ

celebrities with TMJ

TMJ disorder is a condition that causes pain in the jaw and muscles in charge of jaw movement. If you suffer from TMJ, you might feel isolated at times, but the truth is that this condition can affect anyone, including the rich and famous. A number of famous people — who typically go to great efforts to keep their health issues under wraps — have expressed that they also suffer from TMJ. Continue reading to hear about celebrities with TMJ.

LeAnn Rimes

Country songstress LeAnn Rhimes has a well-documented history with TMJ. A number of her concerts have had to be cut short due to flare-ups. In one incident in 2014, the star was performing on stage and heard her jaw pop, which resulted in pain and hearing loss, which the artist explained to disappointed fans in a tweet. She has often described struggling with severe pain related to TMJ.

The singer even sued her dentist, claiming he made her undergo several dental treatments that were ineffective in helping her TMJ pain.

Burt Reynolds

Injury and trauma can cause TMJ-related issues, so actor Burt Reynolds’ account of TMJ following an injury on set is no surprise. The actor described how a fight scene during filming led to him being accidentally hit in the jaw with an iron chair. Following that incident, Reynolds regularly suffered intense pain in the jaw, faced difficulty chewing, and experienced headaches, jaw clicking, and issues with maintaining his balance. Because TMJ pain affected his ability to chew and eat, Reynolds lost weight.

Reynolds eventually experienced relief after finding a dentist that aligned his teeth and improved his pain.

Iggy Azalea

Popular musical artist Iggy Azalea has been vocal about her TMJ struggles. At one point, the artist attributed her TMJ issues to mental stress. The artist vowed that her TMJ diagnosis would not slow her down and is hoping for fewer flair-ups.

Clay Aiken

American Idol fan favorite Clay Aiken also suffers from TMJ. The singer told a publication that he had undergone surgery related to TMJ. Outside of this revelation, the singer has not spoken in detail about his TMJ diagnosis, but it is not hard to imagine that the condition could affect his — or any singer’s — career and ability to perform.

Don’t Let TMJ Control Your Life

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