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Diagnosis of TMJ

What to Expect from Your First Appointment with Your TMJ Specialist

TMJ first appointment

Whether you have been referred to a TMJ specialist by your general doctor or found one on your own, preparing for your initial appointment well ahead of time can help ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. Dentist and TMJ specialist Dr. Ivan Stein is the trusted choice for patients seeking TMJ pain relief in […]

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How Is TMJ Disorder Diagnosed?

Do You Have TMJ?

Many health conditions and other factors can potentially be the cause of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, or TMD. For instance, TMD can be the result of arthritis, whiplash from a car accident, a misaligned bite or orthodontic work, among several other possibilities. For this reason, TMD is often difficult to diagnose. The TMJ dentists at […]

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