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  1. Have you noticed a change in your bite?

    • Do you feel like your teeth hit first on the right or left side?
    • Do you hit more on the front teeth or more on the back teeth?
  2. Are you aware of any of the following:

    • Popping/Clicking?
    • Grinding?
    • Noise in the Jaw Joints?
  3. Do you have difficulty or pain:

    • Opening wide?
    • Chewing?
  4. When you wake up, do your jaw joints or muscles feel tight or sore?

  5. Do you snore at night?

  6. After eating, do your jaw joints or muscles feel:

    • Stiff?
    • Tight?
    • Tired?
  7. Do you grind or clench your teeth:

    • At night?
    • During the day?
  8. Do your gums bleed after:

    • Brushing?
    • Flossing?
  9. Do you experience pain in your:

    • Jaw?
    • Face?
    • Neck?
    • Shoulder and/or Arms?
  10. Do you get:

    • Headaches?
    • Migraines?

    If Yes, what time of day do they occur:

    • Morning?
    • Afternoon?
    • Night?
    • Anytime?

    How many headaches (H) and/or migraines (M) in:

    • each week? ______ (H)/ ______ (M)
    • each month? ______ (H)/ ______ (M)

    What medications do you take to relieve them? _____________

    How long do they last without medication? _____________

  11. Do you have any

    • Ringing?
    • Fullness in your ears?
  12. Do you ever get

    • Dizzy?
    • Sea sick?
  13. Do you ever feel

    • Anxiety?
    • Stressed?

    How would you rate your stress level:

    • Mild?
    • Moderate?
    • Severe?
  14. Have you had braces or orthodontic treatment?

    If Yes, when did you finish your treatment? ______________

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, you may be suffering from TMJ. Call us today at 855-865-3627 to schedule a free consultation.