Managing Your TMJ Pain

TMJ Pain in West Orange NJ

Living with TMJ can be a challenge, and the symptoms related to the condition have a way of infiltrating several areas of life. Limited jaw movement can stop you from eating your favorite foods or smiling, while headaches can impact your mood and make it hard to focus on your everyday activities. However, there are a number of methods to help you manage your TMJ pain. Dr. Ivan Stein and Dr. Allan Stein provide expert advice about things you can do to lead a pain-free life with TMJ.

Keep Your Jaw Muscled Relaxed

Limiting your jaw movements can go a long way in alleviating TMJ pain, but most patients do not realize how easy it is to overuse the jaw muscles. For example, eliminating stress, limiting the consumption of extremely hard or chewy foods, and similar actions are effective at managing your condition.

Be Mindful of Your Sleep Position

If you have ever fallen asleep in an awkward position, you are likely familiar with the pain and stiffness that sets in upon waking. With TMJ, bad sleeping positions can result in worsened symptoms. Try to sleep on your back and consider using several pillows to support your head and keep you comfortable. Additionally, you should avoid resting your jaw in your hands, as this can increase pressure in the jaw.

Use Heat or Cold

Swelling is an unpleasant symptom of TMJ, and many patients notice tenderness and pressure on one or both sides of the face that accompanies swelling. A hot or cold compress can decrease swelling, increase the flow of blood in the jaw, and boost your level of comfort.

Take Advantage of Available Treatments

While managing TMJ yourself is helpful, many patients do not know where to begin. Even if you are used to dealing with TMJ, professional treatment can allow you to experience lasting pain relief. Headache & TMJ Center of New Jersey provides a range of advanced treatments and technologies to enhance the lives of patients with TMJ. Our experts know that what works for one patient may be ineffective for another. This is why they employ a comprehensive approach to treating TMJ pain that accounts for unique joint imbalances, misalignment, and other patient-specific factors.

TMJ Relief in New Jersey

For some TMJ sufferers, at-home pain relief is simply not enough. The experts at Headache & TMJ Center of New Jersey provide thorough examination and intervention for TMJ, focusing on the safest and most effective customized treatments. Learn more about our treatment options by visiting our facility for a consultation. Call us now to schedule your appointment.