Could Stress Be Contributing to Your TMJ Pain? Tips for Reducing Stress

TMJ Relief in New Jersey

If you have TMJ, you are likely familiar with the unique pain and limited jaw movement associated with the condition. While there is no singular cause of TMJ, a variety of factors, such as those caused by stress, can make TMJ symptoms worse. The experts at Headache & TM Center of New Jersey explain the connection between stress and TMJ pain below.

The Effects of Stress on the Body

Stress is your body’s response to pressure, and it can have various effects on your physical and mental health. Many things can trigger the stress response, such as new or unexpected threats, or situations in which we feel we have little or no control. Sometimes, stress can be helpful, such as when stress hormones signal the fight or flight response, which can help you counter dangerous situations. However, too much stress can result in unfavorable effects and can result in several bad habits, such as jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and nail-biting.

Top Tips for Managing Stress

Everyone handles stress differently, but the following tips can make managing stress easier, and may even improve your TMJ symptoms in the process:

Relaxation techniques: Practicing mindfulness, yoga, and deep breathing techniques can allow you to cope with stress in healthy, non-destructive ways.

Exercise: Regular physical activity is often recommended as a stress reduction method. Many people feel a decrease in stress levels after even brief periods of exercise.

Live a balanced lifestyle: A well-balanced lifestyle could mean practicing self-care, ensuring you remain properly hydrated, and engaging in activities that foster positivity.

Take note of your habits: Addressing stress-related habits starts with recognizing them. Taking notice of patterns and behaviors that you exhibit when in stressful situations can be beneficial when searching for stress reduction methods.

Personalized TMJ Treatment

For effective TMH treatment, turn to Headache & TMJ Center of New Jersey. Here, our experts, Dr. Ivan Stein and Dr. Allan Stein offer a variety of advanced treatments that are proven to improve TMJ symptoms. For example, customized dental appliances are used in orthotic therapy to help the jaw remain in an ideal position, which allows patients to sleep comfortably without worrying about the effects of stress-related teeth grinding.

TMJ Relief in New Jersey

Learn more about the connection between stress and TMJ with our team at Headache & TMJ Center of New Jersey. Contact our office today, where our friendly staff will help you schedule your appointment.