Many adolescents that have had multiple ear infections during childhood have often reported early childhood TMJ injury. If your adolescent experienced a fall where they have stricken his or her chin during childhood, fluid may have built up within the developing TMJ and fluid from the TMJ can contribute to a fluid buildup in the ears which does not drain properly causing chronic or multiple ear infections as a result of the TMJ trauma. As your adolescent enters their mid to late teens, usually by age 16, pain and clicking of the jaw may become apparent.

At the Headache and TMJ Center of New Jersey, we treat your adolescent’s TMJ on an individual basis with multiple therapy options such as:

• Orthotic therapy (custom fabricated dental appliances)

• Ultrasound in order to break up scar tissue

• Microcurrent which relaxes the muscle tissue

• Low Level Laser which relaxes the muscle tissue while increasing blood flow

If you child or adolescent is suffering from the symptoms of TMJ, contact the Headache & TMJ Center of New Jersey for a free complimentary consultation today at 855.TMJ.DOCS or 855.865.3627.