Comprehensive TMJ/TMD Evaluations, New Jersey

At the Headache & TMJ Center of New Jersey comprehensive TMJ/TMD evaluations normally consist of the following:

Bite assessment: Dr. Ivan F. Stein will look for signs of worn, broken, or loose teeth, improper bite, hyper mobility, excessive wear, tooth migration, or cusp fractures can cause TMJ/TMD.

Feeling the muscles of jaw: Dr. Stein will exam the muscles for tenderness, if tender, the muscles are overworked.

Listening for joint sound: Normal jaws are quiet. Dr. Stein will listen for grating, grinding, popping and clicking indicating an abnormality.

After a thorough TMJ/TMD evaluation, Dr. Stein will make a customized treatment plan based on the patient’s individual diagnosis. Our all-inclusive treatment will accelerate the healing process while reducing and eliminating pain.

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