How to Find the Best TMJ Dentist Near Me

TMJ dentist New Jersey

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a complicated and confusing disease. Not only can it be caused by a variety of factors — such as teeth grinding, traumatic injury, inflammation or chronic stress — it can also affect a wide range of areas in your body. For example, you might experience symptoms affecting your jaw, teeth, ears, neck, throat, back and shoulders that stem from TMJ disorder (TMD).

Because TMD is so complex, it requires a truly knowledgeable and experienced specialist to alleviate your pain and restore the jaw joint to health. If you are experiencing jaw pain or other symptoms of TMD, you should find a TMJ dentist in your area as soon as possible.

In this post, the team at Headache and TMJ Center of New Jersey suggests a few of the most important qualities to look for in a TMJ specialist.


First and foremost, you want to find someone who has devoted many years to specializing in the treatment and management of TMJ disease. A general or cosmetic dentist usually does not have the breadth of knowledge and experience needed to treat the complicated disorder. Your TMJ dentist or specialist should possess the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge of TMJ problems and treatments.

Individualized Treatment Options

Treating TMJ is very individualized — what works for one patient may not necessarily work for another. Treatment options range from conservative and non-invasive to complex surgery. It is important that the TMJ specialist you find offers a wide variety of services and tailors his or her recommendations to your specific needs.

The “Feel Good” Factor

Finally, it is important that you choose a specialist that is easy to work with, compassionate and professional. Look for someone who performs a thorough evaluation, takes the time to answer your questions and does not rush you through your appointment.

Meet Dr. Ivan Stein

Dr. Ivan Stein of the Headache and TMJ Center of New Jersey has spent over 20 years specializing in treatment for TMJ disorder and other functional disorders of the mouth and jaw (e.g., obstructive sleep apnea and snoring). He is also the innovative mind behind some of the most advanced oral appliances ever developed for the treatment of TMJ.

Dr. Stein’s patients describe him as “reassuring,” “thorough” and “caring” and compliment his staff for being “helpful and friendly.” One patient noted, “Dr. Stein and the rest of his staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. It was as pleasant an experience as I’ve ever had in a doctor’s office!”

To request an appointment with Dr. Stein to discuss your TMJ problems, please contact the Headache and TMJ Center of New Jersey today.