What to Expect from Your First Appointment with Your TMJ Specialist

TMJ first appointment

Whether you have been referred to a TMJ specialist by your general doctor or found one on your own, preparing for your initial appointment well ahead of time can help ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. Dentist and TMJ specialist Dr. Ivan Stein is the trusted choice for patients seeking TMJ pain relief in West Orange and the surrounding areas. Here, he explains what to expect from your initial TMJ appointment, as well as tips on how to prepare for it.

Preparing for Your First Appointment

Prior to your appointment, take some time to gather your medical records, your health insurance information and any other items that may be important to your diagnosis and treatment. This includes a list of medications you are currently taking and, if possible, your most recent dental records.

It is also important to have a list of questions prepared. You may have questions regarding the specialist’s qualifications and experience. Or, you may want to ask questions regarding your treatment options, including what results to expect and duration of treatment. When it comes to finding relief from your TMJ pain, no question is too small or irrelevant to ask!

Your First Appointment with a TMJ Specialist

The goal of your first appointment is for the TMJ specialist to diagnose your pain and recommend a course of treatment based on the source of the problem. Your first appointment will include:

Questions about your health history. Your specialist will ask you extensive questions about your complete medical history. This will help them determine whether you have preexisting conditions or are taking certain medications that may interfere with treatment.

Questions about your symptoms. It’s important to be completely transparent about the symptoms you are experiencing. Even if you think a symptom may be unrelated to your jaw pain, it is possible that it could be a lesser-known symptom of TMJ. The more information your specialist has, the better they can recommend a course of treatment that addresses your specific symptoms.

A physical evaluation. Your TMJ specialist will look closely at your jaw, head and neck areas, paying close attention to their alignment. Physical symptoms, if any, could affect the type of treatment your specialist recommends.

X-rays and impressions. Examinations often include X-rays and other imaging tools to get an up-close and clear image of your jaw. Your specialist may also take impressions of your teeth to assess your bite and check for signs of bruxism (teeth grinding) and bite misalignment. Computer-guided software may also be used to better diagnose the specific problem and visualize how certain treatments can be used to improve symptoms.

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Your first appointment with a TMJ specialist is your first step towards relief from jaw pain and other bothersome symptoms you may be experiencing due to TMJ disorder. To schedule your consultation with our trusted TMJ specialist, Dr. Ivan Stein, please call (855) 865-3627 or email us today.