Celebrities that Have Struggled with TMJ Problems

This post was updated 10-25-2018

Most celebrities go to great lengths to maintain a glamorous image of health, wealth and vitality. It is surprising (and unfortunate) to learn that any star is suffering from a health problem, especially one as relatively unknown and misunderstood as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

Dr. Ivan F. Stein and the team at Headache and TMJ Center of New Jersey always find it humbling when a celebrity admits to struggling with TMJ-related pain. Here are a few stars that have spoken openly about living with TMJ-related pain.

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes’ TMJ troubles and the effect they have had on her career have been well documented. She had to cut a March 2014 concert short when her jaw popped out of place as she sang. In a Tweet to her fans, LeAnn described the agony of hearing her jaw pop, then experiencing pain and hearing loss in her left ear.

The 32-year-old country songbird has spent plenty of time pursuing treatment. In a lawsuit she filed against a former dentist, LeAnn detailed having eight root canals, bone grafting, physical therapy, a temporary bridge and veneers and crowns placed to correct TMJ-related pain and improve her appearance. We hope that she has found an effective solution to her pain and can comfortably resume her career.

Iggy Azalea

The second famous singer with TMJ on our list is Iggy Azalea. On New Year’s Eve in 2014, Iggy made news when she Tweeted that she had been diagnosed with TMJ problems. The 24-year-old hip-hop star attributed her condition to mental stress, and vowed to “take care of myself in 2015, stay away from all the drama and hopefully not have any flair {sic} ups.”

Despite the discomfort of TMJ, Iggy promised her fans that her dental woes would not interfere with her sophomore album.

Burt Reynolds

In a TV Guide interview from the early ’90s, Burt recounted being hit in the face with a wrought-iron chair while on the set of the movie “City Heat.” The impact broke his jaw and shattered his temporomandibular joint, causing years of immense pain and a struggle to find the right dentist and treatment. After three years, the search ended and Burt got the relief he was seeking.

Don’t Suffer from TMJ Pain Any Longer

Dr. Stein and the team at Headache and TMJ Center of New Jersey don’t want you to live through the same excruciating experiences as LeAnn, Iggy and Burt. We will work swiftly to find an effective TMJ treatment plan and alleviate your discomfort. Please contact our office at (855) 865-3627 today to make an appointment with our team.