What Can I Expect During My TMJ Consultation?

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Headaches, pain in the jaw, and tender facial muscles can all signal the presence of TMJ. This condition is distressing for many sufferers, often interfering with their everyday lives and reducing their ability to speak, chew, and laugh comfortably. However, you do not have to accept life with TMJ pain. Our skilled team of experts has years of experience successfully treating this condition and its symptoms, earning glowing reviews from patients enjoying relief from TMJ pain. Continue reading below to learn what to expect during your initial TMJ consultation with our doctors.

TMJ Evaluation

When you come in for your TMJ appointment, your jaw will be examined and you will have the opportunity to discuss your symptoms with one of our doctors. To diagnose your condition, you can expect the following tests to be performed:

Joint Vibration Analysis: This method is an effective way for our doctors to examine how the jaw functions. It is able to measure the vibration that emanates from the jaw as it moves. This process is great for pinpointing the severity of your TMJ.

EMG: Our doctors use EMG to evaluate functional muscle activities, such as chewing, as well as parafunctional activities, to determine the overall condition of the muscles.

Discussing Treatment Options

Also during your consultation, you will be given information on treatment options recommended to you by our doctors, including:

Ultrasound therapy: When you undergo this TMJ therapy, ultrasound waves are used to relieve pain and improve the function of the TMD joint.

Microcurrent therapy: Microcurrent therapy uses low-level electrical currents directed at the treatment area to reduce TMJ symptoms.

Botox therapy: For TMJ sufferers, Botox can be an effective solution for alleviating pain. Botox relaxes the jaw muscles and may even minimize lockjaw.

Trigger point therapy: This TMJ therapy can address pain and spasms that accompany this condition by using needles to release muscle tension and relieve muscle pain.

TMJ Treatment in New Jersey

When you come in for your TMJ appointment, you will be welcomed by a compassionate and knowledgeable staff and Dr. Ivan Stein and Dr. Allan Stein, all of whom are committed to reducing the impact of TMJ on your life. There are effective treatment options available to you at Headache & TMJ Center of New Jersey. Our team is ready to address your concerns and answer any questions that you have. For a TMJ consultation in New Jersey, contact us to take the first step toward TMJ relief.