New Jersey TMJ Treatments

Studies by The Academy of General Dentistry have revealed that more than 10 million Americans suffer from the chronic inflammation occurring in the temporomandibular joint. This condition is called TMJ syndrome, or TMJ disorder. The TMJ is the joint connecting the mandible to the skull, and the TMJ disorder can cause a lot of pain and even impairment of this joint. People not only in New Jersey, but all around the globe, are considerably prone to this disorder. So knowing about TMJ treatment is constructive information to have.

TMJ disorder is divided into 3 types:

1.      Mysofascial pain: most common form of TMJ. Occurs when the muscles controlling the jaw become soft.

2.      Internal derangement:occurs when a blow or injury is sustained by the jaw.

3.      Arthritis: leads to the jaw being swelled, leading to TMJ disorder.

The common causes of TMJ Disorder are:

§  Excessively chewing gums or nails

§  Taking large bites of food items

§  Trauma

The symptoms of TMJ are:

§  Sore jaw muscles

§  Occasional headaches

§  Locking and tenderness of the jaw

§  Difficulty while chewing

§  Earache and a slight loss in hearing (particularly in the morning)

§  A distinct popping sound while opening or closing the mouth

§  Difficulty in chewing food

Some common treatments include:

§  Regular massage of the face

§  Restoration of the occlusal surface of the teeth

§  Using pain killers for pain relief

§  Craniosacral therapy

§  Surgical treatments, although these techniques do not have many acceptors

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