28 January 2013

Is Your Hearing Loss Caused by TMJ/TMD?

28 January 2013,

You may not be aware that hearing loss is a common symptom of TMJ disorder. Temporomandibular joint pain often inhibits the inner ear muscles’ […]

21 January 2013

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder – West Orange, New Jersey

21 January 2013,

A variety of symptoms can be linked to TMJ disorder: Headaches Earaches Dizziness and hearing problems Pain in the TM joint muscles Limited movement […]

14 January 2013

Headache & TMJ (TMD) New Jersey Success Stories!

14 January 2013,

40 year old female patient with chronic migraines for the past 5 years. Would get 3 migraines week and low grade headaches daily. Has […]

8 January 2013


8 January 2013,

Many people are unaware that their migraines or headaches may be a symptom of TMJ (TMD). Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD), is a […]

1 January 2013

Why Should I See a Dentist For TMJ or TMD?

1 January 2013,

Because the majority of TMJ disorders are caused by dental problems such as tooth grinding, misaligned teeth, and uneven tooth wear from jaw clinching, […]