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31 May 2017

Tips for Traveling with TMD

31 May 2017,

Going on a trip can be exciting, but if you have temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) disorder (TMD), it can also be difficult. Individuals with TMD […]

30 April 2017

Do’s and Don’ts for Managing TMJ Pain

30 April 2017,

If you have recently been diagnosed with temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) disorder (TMD), you may be wondering, “What’s next?” In addition to seeking treatment from […]

30 March 2017

TMJ Pain and the Misconception about Age

30 March 2017,

Sources show that a growing number of teenagers and young adults (age 18 to 25) have reported symptoms or pain related to temporomandibular joint […]

27 February 2017

Signs Your Headache May Be Caused by TMJ Disorder

27 February 2017,

A headache is a common symptom of TMJ disorder. But because headaches are often linked to other conditions or can occur alone, it may […]

27 January 2017

Health Conditions Linked to TMD

27 January 2017,

If you suffer from temporomandibular jaw (TMJ) disorder (TMD), you are aware of the jaw joint and mouth related pain and symptoms that the […]