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25 May 2013

TMD and Tooth Pain

25 May 2013,

Today’s neuromuscular dentists use state-of-the-art technology to determine if a patient’s symptoms are caused by malocclusion and if so, what a patient’s optimal jaw […]

18 May 2013

TMJ Related Headaches

18 May 2013,

Millions suffer from TMJ headaches, and they are probably the least understood and the most misdiagnosed of any type of headache. The symptoms of […]

11 May 2013

TMD & Insomnia, New Jersey

11 May 2013,

TMD can often cause many complications. One of these complications is insomnia. Insomnia itself is not life threatening, but it can increase the risk […]

4 May 2013

Factors That Contribute to TMJ Disorder

4 May 2013,

Trauma: Trauma can include any blow to the jaw or to the head and neck area. The pain may take weeks or even years […]